I am pleased to recommend to you, Dr. Joey Shulman's latest book, The Metabolism Boosting Diet: Burn Fat, Balance Hormones and Lose Weight for Life. Dr. Shulman is the founder and CEO of Shulman Weight Loss Clinics and the author of five books, including The Last 15. She has been aninspiration to many who want to lose weight, feel better and enjoy life more.

Refer to page 13 in the The Metabolism Boosting Diet, for Dr. Shulman's references to a yogi who inspires her. I am the yogi!  I am grateful to Dr. Shulman to referring to the pearls of wisdom she receives in my classes.

My comment,"Dissatisfaction is an indication of progress" sparked a reflection that we can welcome dissatisfaction rather than pushing it away. It is our soul's way of signaling that we would like to make a change.

Thank you to Joey for her comments. Her work inspires me too.