In times of crisis, it can be helpful to draw on the philosophical aspects of yoga  to shift your perspective. Gail Hartshorn, a student in my classes for the past 3 years, shared this story with me.  I hope it will inspire you, if you should find yourself in a similar situation. 

"I recently had major abdominal surgery. The surgeons were amazed at how well I withstood the 5 hour operation and how quickly I recovered. When they asked me how this could be, I attributed it to my yoga practice. Studying with Axel for 3 years has made me physically stronger, mentally more determined, and emotionally and spiritually more grounded. I found that I approached the surgery with confidence, optimism and hope.
I am very grateful to Axel for his teachings, encouragement and support which have changed my life day to day as well as in times of crisis."

As a yoga teacher, it is always rewarding to receive this kind of feedback from students.  I am impressed with Gail's resolve and her commitment to applying her learning from yoga study and practice to her recovery.