Take a look at Armin Kluge's summary of the benefits of yoga in his life.

"I have taken yoga lessons with Axel for nearly 10 years. Through his influence it has been a continuous upwards spiral of learning, committing and doing in every aspect of my life. Little did I know where it would take me at the beginning: from conventional diet to vegetarian, to raw food, Axel raised my awareness in the development of my mind, spirit and soul. I learned to meditate and acquired a deep appreciation of spiritual and philosophical reading and thinking. Axel is a great teacher and mentor for me and all of us. Thanks to Axel, I have many new, dear and precious friends. All we need to do is open our mind and be receptive to learn and change.
Thanks a million Axel, You are a keeper."

Armin is a dynamic 70 year old who is pursuing his dream to make a difference to children in Cambodia. Not many 70 year olds have the guts to get on a road bike, but Armin has ridden from Kenora to Aurora (2010) and Vancouver to Kenora (2011) to raise funds to build a school.

You may be interested to follow his journey and be inspired by his passion and aliveness. Find him on his Facebook page, Armin Helps Cambodian School. 

Click here to take a look at Armin's website.