Current Courses

Fall Term – 2019 

Click here to download the Axel Yoga Fall Term 2019 Schedule.  

Course Schedule - as at August 4, 2019

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Course Policies

Duration:  Yoga classes run from September to July and are separated into three terms - Fall, Winter and Spring with each term averaging 13-15 weeks in duration.  Students make a commitment for an entire term with fees payable at the beginning of each term. 

Registration:  Students can register in advance online or in class on the first day of each term.  If registering in class please arrive 30 minutes early so that Axel is able teach a full class.

Joining Mid-Term:  Students joining after a term has started can still join and the term fee will be prorated (with exception to the first three classes which can be made-up at any class location).

Missed Classes:   Students can have as much time as they need to make up missed classes, including making up classes in future sessions.  Classes can be made up at any class location.  Whenever possible, please inform Axel when missing/making up a class.

Refund Policy:  There are no refunds.  If a student decides not to continue, the remaining classes in the term can be given to a friend or family member.  If a personal crisis interrupts attendance during a term, the student can consult Axel about applying the remaining term fee to a future term.

Two-Term Discount:  Any student enrolled in one class will receive a 50% discount on the second class enrolled during the same term.  (Example:  Student registers in the Winter term for both Monday and Wednesday classes.  The student pays full price for the Monday class and ½ price for the Wednesday class).

Student Referral Bonus:  Any existing student who refers a new student to join for one full term of classes will receive two free additional classes (a $36 value) that can be taken at any class location during the same term signed up by the new student.

Inviting Guests to Class:  All students are welcomed to invite friends and family to join them for an introductory yoga class.  The one-time class fee is $20.  Should the invited guest wish to sign up for the entire term of classes, the one-time class fee will be deducted from the term fee. 


Classroom Etiquette

Before Class:  Prepare for your yoga practice by quieting the mind with focused concentration, practicing yoga poses and/or reading spiritual literature.

After Class:  In consideration for the next group using the space, please leave the classroom as quickly as possible.

Latecomers:  Enter the classroom as quietly as possible and begin with a few rounds of sun salutation then commence with the poses.

Asking Questions:  Questions relating to student’s physical, emotional and spiritual development are always welcomed and encouraged.  Although due to the needs and preferences of other classmates, it may not always be possible to address a question in depth or at length.  Private counseling sessions with Axel can be arranged ($100 per hour)